Weed in Washington D.C.

find Weed in Washington D.C. cannabis/Weed in Washington D.C.

Where to find Weed in Washington D.C. – the political capital of the United States. This is where important decisions are made and history is written. Furthermore, the city itself is fairly pleasant with plenty of college students, restaurants, and interesting things to do. For non-lawyers, the issue of cannabis/weed  in Washington D.C. is a little convoluted. However, all you need to know is that if you’re 21, getting something to smoke won’t be a problem.

Laws – Cannabis in Washington D.C.

The regulations governing cannabis in D.C. are somewhat unusual. In theory, marijuana was approved on a referendum in 2014, but the local government lacked the authority to circumvent federal drug laws in the same way that a state might, leaving marijuana in limbo. Cannabis is currently permitted for recreational and medical use, but not for commercial sale. Republican members of Congress are primarily to blame for the opposition and troubles as they ignored the wishes of D.C. citizens. Weed is currently in limbo, however it is de-facto legal for anybody over the age of 21. In Washington D.C, the legal situation around cannabis is perplexing. In summary, it’s almost decriminalized, which means you can smoke some for personal use without too much concern, but selling remains a crime. There have been attempts to rectify the issue and remove weed from the underground market, but doing so legally is difficult.

Getting cannabis/weed in Washington D.C.

While marijuana cannot be sold in Washington, it can be exchanged or gifted, which has created some handy loopholes. There are a few delivery solutions in town that manage to get around the sales ban while still functioning as a traditional online delivery service. This is the simplest and most legal way to buy cannabis in Washington D.C., and it eliminates the need to deal with street traffickers or cops. Perhaps dispensers would be preferable, but distribution isn’t bad either. There are some smoke businesses that will give you pot for free if you buy something else, but this isn’t the case for everyone.

find Weed in Washington D.C. cannabis/Weed in Washington D.C.

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