Weed in Brussels

Get Cannabis in Brussels weed in brussels

Get Cannabis in Brussels . Brussels is one of Europe’s most vibrant cities, with plenty to see and do. Smoking cannabis in Brussels will elevate this lovely city to new heights. If you smoke a joint before exploring the old architecture and cobblestone streets, you’ll have a much better time.

Cannabis Law in Belgium:

Cannabis, as well as any activities related to the plant, remain illegal in Brussels. Two years ago, if you got caught with a modest amount of marijuana, you could get away with.
It is no longer possible, and if a police officer discovers you with minor amounts of pot, he can arrest you and charge you. If you simply have a tiny amount for personal use, your weed will usually be confiscated and you will face no consequences.
You might be in trouble if you have a lot of pot on you if it’s in a lot of small baggies.
Selling marijuana is a serious offense in Belgium, and you might face prison time.

Belgium’s marijuana laws are still much more liberal than those of other European countries, but the fact that they are trending away from marijuana liberalization and toward harsher penalties is concerning.
Belgium, despite its proximity to the Netherlands, is not a weed-friendly country.

Where to Get Cannabis in Brussels:

If you don’t know anyone in the city, Matong is your best bet. It’s an African neighborhood where good cannabis can be found at every turn. Be cautious because the authorities are aware of the location and raids are routine. Another spot where you can get some good cannabis is Louise. Simply walking around will give you a whiff of cannabis coming from small groups of young people.

However, because the city is only 1 hour from the Dutch border, the safest option is to cross the border and smoke the highest-quality bud available in their coffee shops.
However, if you want to bring cannabis from the Netherlands, you must exercise caution.
It is prohibited to transport drugs across the border, and police dogs may be present at the Brussels railway station.

Get Cannabis in Brussels Get Cannabis in Brussels Get Cannabis in Brussels Weed in brussels

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