Weed in Cairo

Get Weed in Cairo

Get Weed in Cairo. Cairo is a massive city, it is the Arab world’s largest city with a population of over 20 million people. It is a popular tourist attraction owing to its proximity to important ancient Egyptian artifacts. Cannabis is prohibited in that country but with this guide, you’ll have no trouble getting your hands on some hash.

Cannabis laws in Egypt

Weed has a long history in Egypt. Hemp was widely utilized to produce ropes by the ancient Egyptians and hashish has been smoked in the region for hundreds of years. Despite this history, cannabis is still prohibited in Egypt today The penalties can be rather harsh. You could go to jail if you have a few grams of marijuana on you. It should go without saying that visiting Egyptian prisons during your vacation in Cairo is not something you want to do.

Many people claim bribing the police gets them out of legal problems. While that sounds possible, it still poses a significant danger. In some more rural sections of the country, hashish is freely smoked but Cairo is not one of those locations. The risks are very high. Overall, smoking pot or hash in Cairo entails some danger. The truth is that if you decide to take the chance, you won’t have any issue scoring.

Getting weed in Cairo, Egypt

kush is easy to come by in Cairo, while nearly impossible to come by. All you have to do is ask a cab driver, a waiter or pretty much any man in the service business who isn’t too old. Women and men who appear to be more devout (you can generally tell) will not be eager to help you. Don’t be afraid to ask as hash is relatively easy to come by. Many individuals will be happy to assist you especially if you’re a foreigner. Make sure they don’t get taken advantage of you. You’ll almost probably have to bargain and end up overpaying but smell the hash you’re purchasing. It’s possible that the dealer will try to pass something that isn’t hash off as hash. However, be very careful and vigilant.

Get Weed in Cairo Get Weed in Egypy

Get Cannabis in Cairo Get Cannabis in Egypt

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