Weed in Lisbon

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Where to Get Weed in Lisbon.  Cannabis in Portugal is very present, but the country has much more to offer than that. Lisbon’s nightlife, architecture, and cuisine are all fantastic. There’s nothing like taking in the sights of Lisbon while smoking a joint, and we’d want to assist you in that attempt. This is the definitive guide to get cannabis in Lisbon, Portugal.

Weed Laws in Portugal

Portugal decriminalized all drugs, from marijuana to crack, in 2001, according to widely circulated reports. Following a significant pandemic in the 1990s, the policy was changed, and drugs are now treated as a public health concern rather than a criminal issue, as in other countries. That isn’t to say that drugs aren’t legal; nevertheless, if you have less than a 10-day supply on you, your narcotics may be confiscated. Larger doses will qualify you as a dealer and will land you in hot water.

What happens if you are discovered depends a lot on the situation and the cop who discovers you, but they are usually pleasant, and if you are as well, you should be fine. Normally, cops are unconcerned with marijuana. You could be fined, but that is unlikely for a few grams on you unless you act like a terrible jerk.

Where to Get Cannabis in Lisbon

It’s simple to get weed in Lisbon; simply go to Baixa and Praca Martim Moniz in the city center. Around are African men there who may approach you and try to sell you cannabis. When buying on the street, be cautious because these people can be shady, and there are also pickpockets on the loose. Keep in mind that the quality of cannabis/hash sold on the street is usually of poor quality, but it will get you high.

Get cannabis in lisbon get weed in lisbon weed in lisbon cannabis in lisbon weed in Portugal cannabis in portugal

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