Weed in Buenos Aires


Argentina is recognized for its beautiful landscape and vibrant culture. Argentina’s capital and most populous city is Buenos Aires. The city is well-known for both its well-preserved architecture and its diverse culture. This is a thorough guide about cannabis consumption and purchase in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Weed Laws in Argentina:

The possession of small amounts of cannabis is no longer unlawful, but the sale, cultivation, and transportation of the plant are still prohibited. CBD oil, a kind of medicinal marijuana, is also permitted. According to reports, any amount under five grams will not get you in trouble with the law. Possession is not prohibited; in fact, an Argentinian court decided in 2009 that marijuana possession is a constitutional right.

The season has a big impact on whether or not cannabis laws are enforced. Because the city is essentially deserted in the winter, there are much fewer police officers on duty. Summer brings an influx of tourists, which necessitates an increase in police presence. Officers have been reported to go undercover as citizens in order to deter public smoking. Many people continue to smoke, but do so at your own peril. Smoking is preferable on beaches with fewer people, such as those in the south.

Where to Buy Cannabis in Buenos Aires:

Cannabis will be available for purchase by many individuals at the numerous beaches, parks, and live music events. The majority of people are kind to tourists, so don’t be shy about approaching strangers. Even if you ask someone who doesn’t have any, chances are they’ll be able to put you in the correct way. When in doubt, go with your nose. Cannabis is extremely popular among Argentina’s youth, so you should have no trouble finding some weed if you hunt around.

Cannabis Prices in Buenos Aires:

Cannabis is generally grown outdoors in the bush in Argentina and crushed into large bricks to make transportation simpler. In most cases, the product will not meet conventional American or European requirements. However, large quantities of this cannabis can be purchased for a very low price. For 40 grams, some have been reported as low as $20 USD. In Buenos Aires, street vendors will have higher costs and, most likely, worse quality.

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