Weed in Sliema

Sliema is a vacation town on the Mediterranean island of Malta’s east coast. The waterfront has a long promenade and, to the south, the 18th-century polygonal Fort Tigné. St. Julian’s Tower, to the north, is a 17th-century watchtower and battery. The baroque-style Stella Maris Church was built in the 1850s. The Knights of St. John built the star-shaped Fort Manoel on small Manoel Island.

Cannabis Laws in Malta

When it comes to marijuana, the cops will be very relaxed. They usually smoke marijuana! But keep in mind that this varies from cop to cop and individual to person. Some cops may be tougher than others, while others may only give you a warning.
If you want to smoke in public, you should be alright as long as you don’t do it in crowded areas or immediately in front of cops.
In rare circumstances, cops may seize your marijuana (and then smoke it themselves!)
Keep in mind. If you have more than Sixty grams on you, the cops may arrest you, assuming you are a dealer.

Where to get weed in Sliema

The easiest way to find cannabis in Sliema is to get out and explore the city. Many smokers and dealers can be found in parks and on the streets. You can simply approach someone who is smoking and inquire. There will also be several shady-looking merchants. They will normally approach you if you make eye contact with them.

You might find good-quality weed for a hefty price, $80 or more, especially if you are a tourist. You might be lucky enough to find a dealer who sells high-quality marijuana.

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