Weed in Tirana

Tirana, Albania’s capital, is recognized for its vibrant Ottoman, Fascist, and Soviet-era architecture. Skanderbeg Square, named for an equestrian statue of a national hero, is surrounded by pastel buildings. The modernist National History Museum, located on the square’s northern edge, covers ancient times through Communist rule and the anti-Communist protests of the 1990s.


Recreational cannabis is prohibited in Albania, and it was added to the list of controlled substances by the Law on Narcotic and Psychotropic Substances in 1994. As a result, cultivation, manufacture, trading, possession, and gifting are completely illegal. Medical cannabis is also illegal in the country.
Even though cops will be relatively tolerant when it comes to marijuana. They usually smoke marijuana! But keep in mind that this varies from cop to cop and individual to person. Some cops may be tougher than others, while others may only give you a warning.
If you wish to smoke in public, you should be alright as long as you don’t smoke in congested areas.

Where to get weed in Tirana

The easiest way to find cannabis in Albania is to get out and explore the city. Many smokers and dealers can be found in parks and on the streets.
Keep in mind. If you have a large amount on you, the cops may arrest you, assuming you are a dealer.

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